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What is a MakerSpace?

“Space@Sparta,” the MakerSpace at the library, is a place for people to connect and create. The concept originated from the realization that the library should provide experiences that take people from imagination to actual production. The Maker movement is a response to a lengthy period of history in which innovation and invention were reserved for specialists. As more individuals take on the role of inventor, Maker Spaces have appeared all over the country and the world. The Maker movement is also regarded as a potential economic engine as more entrepreneurs emerge and thrive.


Why is the library doing this?

Libraries have always adapted to meet the needs of the people they serve. The Sparta Library has been evolving into a community hub for many different kinds of learning experiences, and some time ago the concept of providing space for creation and production took hold. The MakerSpace is where people can design and create—an incubator for ideas and entrepreneurship.

  What can we do with the 3D printer?

The 3D printer (or replicator) uses melted plastic to produce physical objects designed on a computer. This technology has been used commercially for many years (ever hear of Invisalign braces?) and is rapidly becoming accessible and appealing to individuals. Just as people learned how to use PCs in the ‘80s, they can now come to the library to learn about this revolutionary tool.


What kinds of things are available in the MakerSpace?

In addition to the 3D printer, there is an Ellison manual die-cutting machine, laminator,  a Cricut electronic die cutting machine (vinyl is available for sale at the front desk), button makers (one gets loaned out), a Canon photo printer that prints from your camera, a mat cutter,  and a photographic light box for shadow-less photography (which also gets loaned out). As the need for other equipment grows, we will add to Space@Sparta.


Who do I contact for more information or if I have questions?

Contact: Dave Costa at